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Internet Access Challenges

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Indian customers in 2024 are still grappling with a range of challenges posed by their internet service providers (ISPs). These challenges result in a less-than-ideal experience for users:

Poor Internet Service:
Many customers report dissatisfaction with the overall quality of internet services –  regular outages, disruptions, subpar connectivity, etc

Slow Response:
Customers often feel frustrated by the sluggish response times from their ISPs when it comes to addressing service issues or seeking assistance. This leads to prolonged periods of service disruptions and further aggravates the situation.

Hassles during Relocation:
Customers who relocate encounter difficulties in smoothly transferring their internet services. They face delays, paperwork hassles, and disruptions in service continuity throughout the relocation process.

Unreliable Speeds:
Consistently inconsistent and unreliable internet speeds remain a persistent issue. This directly impacts users’ ability to seamlessly engage in online activities such as online meetings, streaming, online purchase, financial transactions, etc.

Hidden Charges:
Customers frequently come across unexpected and undisclosed charges in their bills, resulting in financial surprises and a lack of transparency in the pricing structures provided by ISPs.

Very Low Connectivity and Wi-Fi Service:
Certain areas still suffer from extremely low connectivity levels, with weak signal strength and unreliable Wi-Fi services. This greatly hampers users’ ability to consistently access the internet.

These challenges collectively contribute to a substandard internet experience for Indian customers in 2024. Addressing these issues would require ISPs to prioritize improving service reliability, responsiveness, transparency in billing, and ensuring consistent and high-speed connectivity for their users. As India gears up for full digitization and ‘Vikisit Bharat’, its imperative that Internet service providers ensure world class service is available to all citizens of the country.

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