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Grahak rights

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Consumer rights protect consumers/Grahak against unfair practices and enable them to enforce these rights. In India, The Consumer Protection Act was enacted on 24 December, 1986 and was updated on 6 August, 2019. It came into force in July 2020 to make sure that the rights of consumers in this country do not go unheard. Actually, the term “consumer” most commonly refers to someone purchasing products and services for personal use. It does not include a person who obtains a good for resale or a good or service for commercial purpose. It covers transactions through all modes such as offline and online through electronic means, teleshopping, multi-level marketing or direct selling. The Consumer Protection Act guarantees 6 basic rights to consumers/grahak.


Right to Safety:  This right ensures that consumers/grahak have the right to be protected against goods or services that are hazardous to their health or safety. The purchased goods and services availed of should not only meet their immediate needs, but also fulfil long term interests.

Right to be Informed: It means the right to know. When making a purchase you have the right to any information about the product or service you intend to buy. Means right to be informed about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods so as to protect the consumer against unfair trade practices. Grahak should insist on getting all the information about the product or service before making a choice or a decision.

Right to Choose: It means grahak have the right to choose from a variety of products and services at competitive prices. In case of monopolies, it means right to be assured of satisfactory quality and service at a fair price. grahak should not be forced or manipulated into buying a particular product or service.

Right to be Heard: It ensures that consumers’ interests are represented and their complaints and grievances are addressed. Consumers/grahak have the right to raise their voice and have their opinions and concerns heard.

Right to Seek redressal: consumers/grahak have the right to seek compensation refunds or other appropriate remedies if they have suffered from unfair trade practices or received defective goods or services. It also includes right to fair settlement of the genuine grievances of the consumer/grahak.


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