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Health and Wellness Myths Busted

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Read on to find out how some of the Health & Wellness accepted facts are actually a myth :

#1 You should never eat before bed
                    Eating just before going to bed doesn’t automatically lead to weight gain because your metabolism continues to burn calories throughout the night, contrary to popular belief.


#2 All Fast food items always makes you fat
                     People believe that all fast food is unhealthy, but some companies are adapting to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers by offering healthier options. While they may not satisfy every health-conscious person, they’re convenient for those with busy schedules or limited energy for cooking.


#3 All Salads are the healthiest
                    Health-conscious diners often pick salads for their perceived health benefits, but beware of high-calorie toppings like cheese and creamy dressings. Opt for leafy greens, lean proteins, and oil-based dressings for a healthier option.


#4 You need to do 10,000 steps a day to be healthy
Don’t worry if you can’t reach 10,000 steps daily; any extra movement boosts health. Even 4,400 steps daily can improve longevity compared to sedentary lifestyles below 2,500 steps. Just aim to move more, and you’ll feel the benefits.


#5 Drink 8 glasses of water a day
                    Don’t stress about counting cups; drinking water when thirsty keeps you hydrated. Water-rich foods and drinks like soup, fruits, vegetables, juice, tea, and coffee also contribute. Increase water intake if urine is dark yellow, you’re not walking regularly, active, or in a hot climate.


#6 Microwaving your food is bad for you because it kills nutrients
                    Microwave ovens cook food by exciting its molecules with electromagnetic radiation, which converts into heat. This type of radiation is not harmful, unlike nuclear energy, and doesn’t raise cancer risks. However, broken microwave doors can leak radiation, so it’s best to replace them for safety.


#7 You Need a Daily Multivitamin tablet as a rule
                    Some say multivitamins compensate for dietary gaps, but research is divided. Follow your doctor’s advice on vitamins, especially during pregnancy for folic acid to reduce birth defect risks. However, the most reliable nutrient source is a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and healthy oils.


#8 A mental health condition is a sign of weakness
Mental health conditions aren’t about weakness or willpower; they’re not choices., Anyone can face mental health challenges of varying degrees due to work or personal issues. It is important to identify the condition on time and seeks medical help to overcome the condition. Seeking help takes strength and courage, so seek out the support of friends, family or councillors.

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