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‘RIGHT TO REPAIR!’ How it will Help Consumers

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As technology continues to advance and products become more complex, the issue of repair ability becomes increasingly crucial. The Right to Repair Act aims to address concerns such as excessive electronic waste, unsustainable consumption patterns and monopolistic practices by manufacturers. By enabling consumers to repair their products, this act promotes environmental sustainability, consumer choice and economic efficiency. Actually, this act refers to the right to repair one’s own devices or equipment rather than being forced to replace them. In many cases, when a particular part of our mobile phone or any other electronic device becomes faulty, we tend to replace the entire device instead of repairing it. This is mostly due to the high cost associated with repairing the device out of authorised service centres. The cost of repair often seems higher than getting a new device. Moreover, once the warranty period expires, there are limited options for service at the service centres. This problem is also observed in most electrical appliances. Even in the cases of motorcycles or cars, a minor issue often requires taking them to authorised service centres with limited alternatives available.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs (MCA) has set up Right to Repair portal and it is a sort of movement that advocates for consumers’ rights to repair and modify the products they own, whether it’s electronics appliances or vehicles. This movement believes that consumers should have access to the necessary information tools and parts to repair their products rather than being forced to rely on authorised service centres or manufacturers. It allows citizens to get their gadgets and vehicles repaired without losing warranty. It also allows consumers to repair products at an optimal cost instead of buying new products altogether and encourages sustainability. Right to Repair gives consumers access to affordable repair mobile phones, appliances and other electronic devices by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or third-party repairers. Even the Right to Repair is particularly important for car owners in India as it addresses instances where carmakers have charged unnecessary costs and imposed replacements that could have been avoided. Most importantly, according to the new rules and regulations, the consumers will receive the manual of product details.    This helps them to independently repair the product by themselves or get them repaired by third parties following the product manual instructions. Also, this act aims to foster a more transparent and equitable relationship between sellers and consumers, empowering car owners with better control over their repair decisions.



At this time the portal covers four sectors:

  1. Farming Equipment
  2. Mobile and Electronics
  3. Consumer Durable
  4. Automobile Equipment.

Currently, Hero MotoCorp, Honda Motorcycles, Samsung, Lg, Panasonic etc. are enrolled under the new rule. Actually, this portal offers a wide range of services, including product repair and maintenance, replacement parts, and warranty information. Customers can also access the details of authorised service providers, product warranties and information on product maintenance and repair. For customers who are unable to fix their issues on their own, the portal also offers an online assistance tool.   Here, the customers can speak with a knowledgeable customer service agent who can offer advice and support in resolving any issue. The portal offers a forum for customers to get legal counsel in addition to the online complaint resolution option.The launch of Right to Repair portal will now reduce the dependency of consumers on manufacturers in case their product fails to operate. Even After its launch, India joined the clutch of countries like the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK). However, it is important to note that India has a strong consumer rights framework. This includes guarantees for product repair replacement and refunds in case of defects or issues. So, know your rights and save yourself from any kind of confusion and being harassed.




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