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Digitalizing Kolkata Book Fair: From Print to Pixels

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The 2024 Kolkata Book Fair is a perfect blend of tradition and technology. A number of digital and next generation show stoppers are in existence to enhance the visitor’s experience:

  • With the help of an interactive app and Google Maps, attendees can easily navigate the fairgrounds and stay updated with real-time information. In addition to the traditional stalls, there are digital kiosks offering e-books and audiobooks.
  • The use of Augmented Reality (AR) installations adds an exciting element to the experience, allowing attendees to discover hidden content by simply scanning their smartphones and playing on them.
  • The Digital Author Arena is a virtual platform that connects authors with a global audience. Through live-streamed sessions, cultural performances, and discussions, attendees can engage with their favourite authors and share their experiences on social media walls. This creates a vibrant online literary community that extends beyond the physical event.
  • Thanks to e-commerce within the fair’s digital ecosystem, book purchases have never been easier. Attendees can conveniently scan QRs and pay instantly from digital wallets/cards making the whole process seamless.
  • The fair also utilises data analytics and user reviews to improve future events, ensuring that it continues to adapt to the changing preferences of its attendees.

The Kolkata Book Fair of 2024 beautifully combines the charm of physical books with the endless possibilities of pixels, creating an unforgettable experience for all book lovers.

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