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Overcoming Customer Service Challenges in Small Jewellery Retail

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Small jewellery stores provide a lot of convenience to small ticket buying, however Customers face some challenges with these stores. Here are some examples:

  • Quality Concerns: Some may express concerns about the quality of jewellery, particularly if they’re purchasing expensive items. Ensuring the products are of high quality and being able to communicate this effectively to customers is crucial.
  • Customisation Requests: Customers might have specific requests for custom-made pieces or alterations to existing designs.  This can take up some time and may require extra resources due to which some of these stores refuse to customise/alter.
  • Bargaining or Offers/ Discounts: Different cultures have varying views on haggling over prices. For small jewellery store owners, it can be tricky to balance cultural differences in negotiation while still ensuring fair pricing and profitability. Some customers complain that they do not get offers or discounts from small stores when compared to large stores.
  • Gen Z Jewellery: Small jewellery stores face challenges meeting the preferences of Gen Z customers. These shoppers prioritise authenticity, sustainability, and unique designs. Stores must adapt their inventory and marketing to cater to these values while staying profitable. This may involve offering customised pieces, using ethically sourced materials, and embracing digital marketing.
  • Technology and Online Shopping Habits: Younger customers tend to shop online but they do not find these stores or their collection available for online view and purchase.. Small store owners should adapt and start focusing on their online visibility, whether via own portal or ONDC/other Ecom websites.

While traditionally small jewellery retailers had targeted mid to senior aged buyers, its important that they evolve not just to focus on the younger generation and their preferences but also joining the online platforms for a wider reach. Focusing on what their customers have to say and ensuring a rich Customer Experience will not only prevent disruption but also ensure high growth in the long term.


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