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Let The Journey Begin with New Enthusiasm

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“Adventures are the best way to learn.”

This popular quote is written by Joel Annesley. It’s an obvious truth that, adventurous activities help pupils to overcome fear, anxiety and physical stress. For an adventurous life, travelling is most important thing.  The importance and benefits of travelling are pupils get to know about the culture of different lands, easy to make friend end route travel, learns about several other culture and their needs, different type of adventures and much more. Nowadays people become more interested in places different from their countries of birth,  and there has been an increase in international travel. More than 1.8 crore Indians travelled outside the country between January 2022 and November 2022, data from MHA’s Bureau of Immigration (BOI) showed. It is revealed by a survey done by a famous online travel firm that 86% Indian travelers think about their future travel plans, while 61% have no intention of postponing of their travel plans in the next 12 month. Another amazing thing that was discovered was that about 43% Indian travelers have a stronger inclination to explore their own country.

Traveling is important in life as it opens you up to more connections and deeper intimacy with life itself, other people, and cultures as well as with yourself as you break out of the box you have put yourself in. There is no doubt that travelling is the most fun thing to do, but it can turn into a nasty affair if you don’t do it a right way and without proper research and planning. In this digital era anyone can put up a website with attractive pictures of tourist destinations, claiming to offer tour package etc. Some of these websites can look highly professional. It was obvious that some of them were fake. Remember, fraud is rapidly increasing in the travel industry and there is a high chance to land on a fake travel agent website. Here, you are required to file a consumer complaint in the Consumer Court. In case of not getting any positive and satisfying response, it is advisable to file a Complaint against the Travel Agency in the Consumer Court.

So, when you get down to plan your next adventure, do your homework properly before stepping out. The fear of being unsafe while travelling can arise. It is normal. However, do not let the fear of being unsafe stop you. Be smart when travelling.




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