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Five top reasons why customer reviews are important

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Customer reviews are mainly opinions that customers write about a company’s products and services for others to read. There are many people who read these reviews to learn more about businesses and research their products or services before making a purchase. And customers are 63% more likely to trust brands with online reviews compared to brands with no reviews. It has created a new field in online marketing and communication that bridges the gap between traditional word-of-mouth and a unique form of feedback.

Here are five important reasons why online customer reviews are important.

  • Provide social proof: Online reviews provide social proof to potential customers. They probably won’t believe everything you have to say about the product or service. However, every time personal recommendations and word-of-mouth are much more powerful.
  • online reviews validate expertise: Most Grahak trust online reviews by their peers more than the claims made by a company. Consumers are less likely to believe a claim if there isn’t any third-party supporting evidence. Good reviews are a great way to back up your claims.
  • Influence purchasing decisions: Online reviews directly influence the buying decisions of one’s target market. According to one study, having as few as five reviews makes products 270% more likely to sell compared to products with no reviews.
  • Reviews Generate More Reviews: The appearance of several reviews seems to be opinion enough to give new grahak the incentive and confidence to submit their own on a particular product or service. So, it encourages other grahak to leave their own feedback.
  • Better understands your customers and improve Customer Service: Customer reviews can tell you things you may not know, including human factors such as staff behaviour. Not everyone complains when they are dissatisfied. But all the reviews left by your customers, helps your company understands overall customer satisfaction and customer service.

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