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Are your Bio-metric data safe from scammers?

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Financial fraud is a widespread issue affecting individuals and communities worldwide. Recently Kolkata has seen a concerning surge in cases involving the theft of bio-metric information particularly from Aadhaar cards. Fraudsters are exploiting this stolen data to transfer funds from bank accounts and empty them out. Additionally, allegations have emerged regarding the theft of bio-metric data from the West Bengal Government’s land records website. To combat these threats, the Kolkata Police is urging citizens to remain vigilant and prioritise the security of their bio-metric information.

As per police records, a Garfa resident recently lost more than Rs 60,000 without receiving any alert from the generation of OTP or the bank about the amount debited from the account. Also, in July, two residents of the port area suffered losses when fraudsters allegedly withdrew Rs 10,000 each from their bank accounts via the AEPS facility. Another recent victim of such an instance of fraud is model and actor Mousumi Sanyal Dasgupta, who said she recently lost Rs 10,000 from one of her accounts, and attempts were made to siphon off money from her other bank accounts.


How to Protect Your Bio-metric Data:

  1. Secure Your Aadhaar Card:

-Must lock your bio-metric impression by installing the M-Adhaar application.

– Never share scanned copies of your Aadhaar card or any related documents unless necessary.

– Avoid displaying the Aadhaar number publicly or on social media platforms.

– Be cautious when providing your Aadhaar details to anyone over the phone or online. Verify the legitimacy of the request before sharing.


  1. Be Mindful of Online Behaviour:

– Regularly update and strengthen passwords for all online accounts including banking and property-related platforms.

– Implement two-factor authentication wherever possible to add an extra layer of security.

– Avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading attachments from unknown sources in email, messages or social media platforms.

– Keep your devices updated with the latest security patches and reputable antivirus software.


  1. Exercise Caution During Transactions:

– Be vigilant when providing bio- metric information for any transaction. Ensure you are dealing with trusted authorities or organisations.

– Double-check the legitimacy of websites before entering sensitive data like Aadhaar information, especially during property transactions.

– Monitor your bank and transaction statements regularly for any suspicious activity. Report any discrepancies immediately to your bank’s fraud department.


  1. Raise Awareness:

– Educate yourself and your community about the risks associated with bio-metric data theft and financial fraud.

– Share this information with friends, family and colleagues to promote a collective effort towards combating fraud.

– Encourage others to report any incidents of fraud or suspicious activity to the nearest police station or cyber cell within 24 hours.

Protecting our bio-metric data is of utmost importance in today’s digital world. With the rise in financial fraud cases involving stolen bio-metric information in Kolkata, being vigilant and proactive is crucial. Individuals can significantly reduce their vulnerability to such attacks by following the preventative measures mentioned above. Additionally raising awareness about these risks will create a safer environment for everyone.

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