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Cartoon Network is Not Shutting Down: ‘#RIPCartoonNetwork’

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Cartoon Network is a staple of children’s childhoods in the 90s. When rumors of the channel’s closure spread on social media, many were disheartened, and soon “#RIPCartoonNetwork” began trending.

The hashtag went viral due to misunderstood announcements and sensational posts. Fans, driven by nostalgia, quickly spread the rumor without checking the facts.

The rumor stems from an account called Animation Workers Ignited, which posted a video claiming that Cartoon Network is as good as dead” and that many animators are out of work due to layoffs and project cancelations.

The video blamed the studios’ greed for cutting costs at employees’ expense and urged people to share their favorite Cartoon Network shows under the hashtag “#RIPCartoonNetwork”. Many joined the trend without understanding the full context and simply indulged in memories of their beloved shows. Cartoon Network isn’t going anywhere, but the viral hashtag highlights the animation industry’s challenges.

Cartoon Network continues to innovate and entertain with new shows and digital content. So, keep calm and enjoy your favorite cartoons—Cartoon Network isn’t going anywhere!

Here’s the real twitter post

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